What is the only product you can sell and keep the benefits on property?

Carbon! Let us help you understand the ins and outs of the Carbon farming and trading system.

Get all the benefits of carbon farming including substantial income while achieving, improved soil structure, better water holding capacity along with adding shade and shelter to your property.

8’850 Pioneers

Enable removal of CO₂ from the air

56 Countries

So many countries around the world!

Carbon Removal Revolution Starts Here

Using innovative carbon removal solutions, we empower forward-thinking organizations and artists to create positive brand perceptions while they do their part to reverse climate change. 

Helping you to create a strong foundation for success.

You can now generate an additional income from the health of your soil and farm ecosystem through carbon credits and ecosystem services payments. As a team of experts in Western Australia, Carbon Trading is here to help you benefit from these opportunities and create a strong foundation for future generations.

Carbon Trading specialises in soil carbon sequestration. Drawing carbon from the atmosphere and sequestering it in the soil will help you to increase the fertility and productivity of your agricultural land and give you the ability to generate income from carbon credits.


Who is Carbon Trading?

Our goal is to create long-term partnerships with producers looking to move from conventional industrial farming into a more holistic and regenerative approach. 

We do not provide you with a recipe for success. We do work with you to identify the management practices that are best suited to you, your business and your environment.

We work closely with you to plan and monitor your interventions.


What's in it for you?

Through a long-term partnership, we support you to identify and deploy the tools that will improve the health and resilience of your farm ecosystem. Some of the benefit of working with Carbon Trading are listed below.

Carbon credits as an additional income stream

The ability to measure and verify ecosystem health advances

Soil with more water-holding capacity and increased farm productivity and fertility

Building long-term resilience into your farming business

Engagement with peers who are moving in the same direction and sharing similar values


Leading innovation here in WA.

Carbon farming is helping to transform agriculture for the benefit of both people and planet, and WA is leading the way. Both the Wheatbelt and South West agricultural regions are already world-renowned for excellence, with carbon farming creating even more opportunities for the future.

Backed by a highly experienced and dedicated project team, Carbon Trading is proud to support WA farmers who adopt this innovative and critical solution.

How Carbon Trading Works

Here’s the gist of how the Carbon Trading Marketplace works. Want more information?

1. Farmers Remove Carbon

By using sustainable farming practices, farmers remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their soil.

2. Verifiers Audit Carbon Removal

Carbon removals are quantified and verified by an independent third party before being listed in the marketplace.

3. Buyers Pay for Removals

Buyers pay the farmer for ownership of their carbon removals, and receive a Nori certificate to prove it.

Farmers Like Trey Are Directly Rewarded by Your Support

Trey Hill was the first farmer to sell carbon removals in our marketplace. He is using the Nori platform to quantify and verify new carbon getting added into his soils. Your support empowers farmers like Trey to keep adding carbon to his soils with regenerative practices.

Know Your Carbon Footprint

Learn how to calculate your carbon footprint, and get started on removing it.


Flying round-trip or taking a cruise can emit 1 tonne of carbon.


The average American emits 1.33 tonnes of carbon every month.


The average American emits 16 tonnes of carbon over the course of a year.


Work with Nori to purchase carbon removals for your business needs.


Calculate your own carbon footprint, and remove it with Nori.

Join Leaders in Reversing Climate Change

The Road to Ten Gigatons

Carbon Removal Scale Up Challenge


According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), we’ll need to remove 10 billion tons (or gigatons) of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2050. Your task is to choose carbon removal approaches to scale up by moving the colored sliders below until you reach 10 gigatons. Monitor the effects of your solution choices via the five progress bars and “Scale-up consequences” panel. Keep your eye on the Active goals list to see the requirements you’ll need to fulfill in order to win the game!

Active goals

Recent Carbon Removals

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Dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of


Uppsala University

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Enroll your farm in the Carbon Trading

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