Our capabilities

A partnership delivered by some of the best in the business.

Carbon Trading is backed by a seasoned project team with a proven track record in delivering education training and technical support in management that enhances farm ecosystems and improves profitability.


Our values

As a team doing our own holistic management training we’ve now identified our holistic context as a company. These values define us and give us the ability to have a resilient future.

  • We are resilient in the face of unknowns. We are humble and listen, building trust and safety into every engagement to support emotional courage. We support each other to develop and contribute our unique talents.


  • We show qualities of agility and flexibility as we navigate our way towards a regenerating environment, community, and economy. We are nurtured by play.
  • We are financially secure with abundant flow and comfortable surplus. We have sufficient resources to do an excellent job and take care of everyone. Our work is congruent with our deeply held values and aspirations and is an expression of life. 
  • Across rural WA producers regain their sovereignty, reconnecting with the patterns of nature on their farms and rebuilding connections with the people and markets that sustain them.
  • We capture every drop of water as it flows gently through the landscape nourishing everything on its journey. Everywhere we walk in our agricultural lands, our soils are sweet-smelling, soft underfoot and teeming with life.
  • People are drawn to rural towns as fertility is restored. Our communities rebuild. We are grounded in our place and feel a deep sense of belonging and purpose.
  • We are all better for working together.