Coal, oil, gas, cement: how much does each contribute to CO2 emissions?

What share of CO2 emissions are produced from different fuels?

CO2 emissions are dominated by the burning of fossil fuels for energy production, and industrial production of materials such as cement.

What is the contribution of each fuel source to the country’s CO2 emissions?

This interactive chart shows the breakdown of annual CO2 emissions by source: either coal, oil, gas, cement production or gas flaring. This breakdown is strongly influenced by the energy mix of a given country, and changes as a country shifts to or from a given energy source.

How are CO2 emissions from different fuels changing?

The chart above allows us to see the breakdown of CO2 emissions by fuel type. But it makes it more difficult to see the absolute change in particular fuel sources over time.

This interactive chart shows the same data – CO2 emissions from coal, oil, gas, cement and flaring – but as individual lines to see clearly how each is changing over time.