Partner with us


In Trade with your farm and your needs.

A rewarding partnership from the ground up.

We understand that every farm is different, and transitioning knowledge into action on the ground is unique for every farm and farmer. As your partner and co-investor, we’re not here to tell you how to run your business. Rather, we’re here to give you the tools you need to adopt carbon farming principles on your farm, in the most effective way possible. Our partnership approach will also connect you to a community of local farmers who are also taking part in the project, offering a long-term and supportive learning environment.


How the partnership can benefit you.

Carbon Trading will be by your side throughout the life of the project, investing in your education and training to help you create a number of significant lifestyle and revenue benefits. 

Bonus revenue on top of your revenue stream.

Once the project is established, additional income streams for your farm business.

Long-term viability and legacy.

We are preparing you to be agile in a changing market, providing you with the right tools, data and resources to capture new opportunities as they arise.

Tailored to your farm’s individual needs.

Customised technical support to enable you to apply the five carbon farming principles on your farm.

An investment in the planet and your future.

Invest in land management practises that align with the social, cultural, environmental and economic context in which agriculture is operating.

Be part of a supportive community.

Be part of a trusted network of farmers who are changing their land management practises; to test ideas, share information and enjoy regular online and face-to-face engagement.


The Carbon Trading process

Getting the most out of your soil takes commitment —and that’s what our Carbon Trading team of educators and technicians is here to provide. Throughout every step of the project, we will make sure you have the support you need to succeed, taking time to do things right to create the best possible outcomes.